EYLF Curriculum & Reflections of the Day

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EYLF Curriculum & Reflections of the Day

Postby darmodina » Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:46 pm

Hi LA,

I just want to ask you, Is that ok that i used both templates in weekly basis instead of daily? (our curriculum & reflection of the day) I gathered informations eg, photos, child obs, parent input, child input, talking stories, staff input/ideas & intentional teaching in my curriculum.
please let me know if i will continue this templates for weekly basis.
Many thanks

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Re: EYLF Curriculum & Reflections of the Day

Postby Lorina » Sat Apr 23, 2011 8:03 pm

Hey Daisy,

Happy Easter !!

You are definitely on your way to becoming an EYLF specialist.. I’ve read your recent post in the topic called “EYLF Programming” and you’re spot on with the comments you made. The learning experiences and the linking with the EYLF learning outcomes, principles and practices are great and you seem to have a grasp understanding of this. Look at you now… from not knowing anything about EYLF to providing advice and comments to others about how you are implementing the EYLF at your centre. I’m cheering for you girl… :mrgreen:

Regarding the templates you can use the “EYLF Curriculum” on a weekly basis instead of each day.

With the “Reflections of Our Day” it needs to be done on a daily basis, even if you are doing a weekly curriculum plan. Just continue it as you are doing at the moment and in the “Date of Implementation” just add the date for the following week when you will be setting up the activity/experience in the room for the children.

Now I’m off to enjoy a sweet chocolate Easter egg… that’s so lame..hahaha… :lol:

Also I just want you to know that I really appreciate and thank you for sharing your journey into the EYLF with other members in our forum ;).

Cheers :geek:

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