Spooky Halloween Ghost

Spooky Halloween Ghost

Create a spooky ghost using cotton balls for Halloween.

Materials Needed:

  • Cotton wool
  • Thick card/paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black marker

What To Do:

  • Collect your materials and draw an outline of a ghost on thick card and cut it out.

  • Using a black marker draw two circles (for eyes) and an oval (for mouth), cut these out and keep them aside.

  • Spread glue onto the ghost shape and cover the ghost with cotton wool. Once it is covered, leave it to dry.

  • Stick the "face" onto the ghost and your spooky ghost is ready!

Hints and Tips:

  • Draw the outline of the ghost on black paper as the night sky and don’t cut it out.
  • Use googly eyes instead of drawing and cutting them out separately.
  • Give the ghost accessories such a bow, bow tie, top hat etc. These can be created separately using paper and stuck onto the ghost.
  • Simple craft for toddlers to do.
  • Hang these from the ceiling or display them on the wall or door.

Additional Info

  • Appropriate Age: 2 year+
  • Number of Children: Couple (2), Few (3), Small Group (4)
  • Developmental Milestones:

    paints using a wrist action
    paint dots and lines
    established hand preference
    makes vertical, horizontal, circular strokes with pencil or crayon

  • Play Based Learning: Creative Play
  • Interest Areas: Art and Craft
  • Games Categories: Art and Craft, Fine Motor Skills
  • EYLF Outcomes: Learning Outcome 4, Learning Outcome 5
  • Sub Outcomes:

    4.3 Children transfer and adapt what they have learned from one context to another.

    5.4 Children begin to understand how symbols and pattern systems work.

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Last modified on Friday, October 28, 2016

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