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Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2020 9:33 pm
by NAhmad
Hi there i really need help with these scanarios
1)Ava walked over to the puzzle corner and selected a large 20-piece puzzle. She walked it over to the table and using both hands palmer grasp, turned it out so that all the pieces were upside down. One by one, using pincer grasp, she turned the pieces over and began to piece together the puzzle using her right hand pincer grasp by holding onto the knobs to place the pieces of the puzzles into the holes. After 10 minutes of attempting to place the correct pieces into the correct areas, she looked up to the caregiver and said ― “Rachael, can you help me please?” Rachael walked over to Ava and sat down next to her. Rachael began to help her by saying, “This is a difficult one isn‘t it?” “Yes” replied Ava, “when I‘m five, I can do it myself.” “I am sure you could. How about we do it together today, how does that sound.” Said Rachael. “Yeah.” said Ava. Ava sat with Rachael at the puzzle for a further 5 minutes, completing the puzzle with educator guidance.
Read the following learning story for Ava 3.7 years. Based on this information:

a) Write the evaluation / analysis
b) Write the EYLF Outcomes demonstrated
c) Document future planning / learning extension for Ava
2)Matthew lays on the floor on an activity mat, he’s gazing at the mobile above him. He’s smiling and gurgling and kicking his legs in an up and down motion. While he is looking at the mobile another older child comes and taps on one of the objects hanging from the mobile, while it is in motion Matthew is grabbing out at an object, he grasps onto the object and holds on to a ring shaped object, moving his hand from side to side. Educator Jessica comes over to Matthew, crouches beside him and says “Matthew, it looks like you’re having a lovely time on the floor. Matthew looks directly at Jessica, smiles broadly and let’s go of the ring and waves both arms in Jessica’s direction. Jessica reaches over and picks up Matthew saying “Matthew let’s check your nappy.” Matthew snuggles into Jessica’s shoulder and as Jessica lays Matthew on the change mat she begins to softly sing to him. Matthew gurgles and smiles broadly at Jessica.
a) A)Write the evaluation / analysis
b) b) Write the EYLF Outcomes demonstrated
c) c) Document future planning / learning extension for Matthew
3)Eric sits in home corner, he holds a teapot in a pouring motion over a cup, as he pours he says to himself “Cup of tea.” In a chair beside him sits a doll, Eric puts the pretend tea in front of the doll. Eric proceeds to pour out tea into another cup and places it in front of himself. Educator Beth approaches and asks “What are you doing Eric?” and Eric replies “Making tea.” Beth then asks “Are you having something to eat with your tea?” to which Eric replied “Cake, chocolate cake.” Eric then proceeds to take a plastic cup cake off the table and hold it out to Beth. Beth takes the cake off Eric saying “Thank you, may I also have a cup of tea?” to which Eric then takes another cup and pretends to pour out another “tea”. Another child Alex comes over to the table to watch, Eric turns to Alex and says “Tea” Alex sits down in another chair opposite Eric. Eric begins to pretend to pour from the teapot into another cup he takes off the table. After several minutes Eric gets up from the table and goes over to the drawing table.
Read the following learning story for Eric, 2 years. Based on this information:
a) Write the evaluation / analysis
b) Write the EYLF Outcomes demonstrated
c) Document future planning / learning extension for Eric


Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 6:49 pm
by Lorina
You need to try and attempt the questions...

I'll be more than happy to check them but you have to learn how to write an evaluation, choose outcomes etc. as you will be doing this in a service..

Evaluation means what did the child achieve/ show during the experience...

The following will help:

Observations In Childcare