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Struggling with new job

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:36 pm
by alex.i45
I just got my first full time job at a centre working with the 1-2 year olds. The children are extremely difficult and misbehave and don't listen to the educators. It's mostly because they're bored, but it's also the mix of personalities in this room.
But it's so stressful because I end up having to constantly tell them off, and it feels like none of the other staff members are helping, and when I try to suggest ideas to curb their boredom or help improve their behaviour, nobody listens and they go back to either ignoring it then getting angry and not trying anything constructive.
I've been stressed due to lots of stuff happening in my personal life, and because I'm studying at the moment, and I've been pretty much sick non stop since I started 2 months ago. I've avoided taking days off, but I've had to because I just couldn't handle the children when I felt so exhausted, and my boss has basically been acting like it's an inconvenience (which it is, but I can't help it).
But I ended up having a breakdown and started crying in front of the children after they were ignoring me again and nobody else was helping, and I had a really horrible day and got some bad news. I know it was unprofessional, but I don't have the heart to tell my boss that the majority of the stress is caused because of the work environment, because I know it won't lead to anything productive, and I can't lose my job or quit, as I've just started and I need full time hours. I'm scared she'll just get annoyed, and nothing will improve.
I just don't know what else to do at the moment

Re: Struggling with new job

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:55 pm
by Lorina

I'm sorry to hear you're going through a hard time at the moment both at work and personally.

Working with the 1-2 age group is difficult because they are at a stage that they like to push boundaries and see what they can get away with. Also, which you clearly mentioned is that they are bored. Doing the same activities over again is not stimulating and rather being engaged they are going to misbehave to get the attention.

Telling the children off is not going to work. You have to try and re-direct their behaviour and most importantly get them involved in different experiences and this will improve their behaviour dramatically.

rather than just suggest ideas to other Educators, since no one is listening to you I would recommend you just go ahead and do it yourself. Try and incorporate lots of hands-on experiences such as playdough play, moon sand, tearing paper, making collages, squishy balloons, you can find many ideas that are even easy to make yourself that can be incorporated into the environment.

Do you have group time? If not, I would suggest you include this into the daily routine as well. Sing nursery rhymes, tell stories, do music and movement, indoor parachute games...

As for your personal life, I completely understand that it can get caught up with work but you have to try and keep personal life at home and work life at work. Once you walk through those centre doors you have to "be happy" even if you're not due to crap going on at home... Don't let your personal life affect your work - if you're upset with something that happened at home and you go to work you're going to be upset throughout the day at work as well - which is not good to you, the children and staff and because children can sense it and will use it as an advantage (they are pretty smart).

If you're having issues at work, bring it up with your boss, they have a right to know what's going on in their centre. Give them examples of what you're finding difficult and having issues with and they will help guide you through. If you're not going to speak up, nothing is going to change and you're going to be miserable at work.

I'm adding some links on information that you can read that may help:

Behaviour Management

Group Time In Childcare

Take it one step at a time. First and foremost, try and get the children engaged in different experiences and see if that changes their behaviour...

Let me know how it goes!


Re: Struggling with new job

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:25 am
by alex.i45
Thanks, I will try to incorporate these ideas into my future experiences with children.

I have tried to have conversations with my manager, but they have not ended up going anywhere, and I get belittled or threatened with my job, so I am extremely uncomfortable going to her about the issues in the room. And whilst I know I need to leave my personal life at the door, I am struggling when I am continually put into a position where I'm stressing and feeling unsupported, and knowing my manager wants to get rid of me.

How can I redirect behaviour of multiple children who are doing things which are dangerous when the other educators in the room are either ignoring it, or saying mean things about the children to them?

Re: Struggling with new job

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 3:28 pm
by Lorina
It doesn't sound like you're in the right environment to be able to learn and have a career as an Educator.

Have you thought about looking somewhere else? You shouldn't be threatened and made to feel uncomfortable when issues arise. It's unethical...

In regards to redirecting dangerous behaviour, you could explain why it's dangerous to make them stop or even redirect them, group them to an area for a song, story or to do an activity.

I can see you're really trying, however, if you don't have the support of the Educators or even the Director then it's a one-man battlefield. There is only so much you can so by yourself!

Seriously consider looking for another centre to work at.