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Staff Allergy

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:56 am
by Bekann

I just want to know what duty of care a director has to staff members.

I have developed a peanut allergy and spoke to my director about it a week ago.

Today while i was working a child had musli with peanuts for breakfast and breathed on me.

I warned my director and she said to let know how i go.

An hour later my lips started to go numb and tingle and my throat was closing up.

My director got angry at me and then phoned around for a casual to replace me. She then asked if i was able to stay until 2pm (was 11am at the time) in which i said no and she got even more angry.

As i was having a reaction i was wondering should my director have let me leave the premise to drive myself to hospital?

I proceeded to wait for my mum in the car.
But doesnt she have a duty of care for here staff and should not have let me leave.

Re: Staff Allergy

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 5:30 am
by Lorina
How are you going?

I'm sorry your Director had acted this way! You have every right to feel safe in the workplace and your Director has the duty and responsibility to look after you, her staff.

Having a nut allergy is serious and a lot of complications can arise from it... You Director should put in the same effort to you as she would a child if they suffered an allergy at the centre.

This is pretty serious, you should talk to your Director about the incident and make her aware that the reaction that may happen if you were exposed to nuts and maybe you should complete an Action Plan that should go in your file in case something like this happens again...

Have you got an Epipen to take to the centre with you?

I hope you're OK!