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  • a) Collect three (3) curriculum planning formats that can be used to program for a large number of children. You may access these from planning textbooks, unit notes and reputable Internet websites; however you are encouraged to visit local services and collect authentic examples.
    b) Analyse each of the collected planning formats and discuss: (total 20 marks)
    i. How the format reflects or does not reflect your view of the child and educator (4 marks)

    ii. How individual and group strengths, interests and goals in conjunction with the Framework’s Learning Outcomes are planned for. (4 marks)

    iii. How the curriculum planning format records each child’s participation in the program and the opportunity for children and family to comment on and provide feedback about the curriculum. (4 marks) How families and children can actively contribute to future planning in order to support the learning, development and interests of the children. (2 marks)

    iv. How the program format is accessible, flexible, easy to use and interpret by staff and families. (2 marks)

    v. How documented assessment and critical reflection and evaluation by educators is included. Does it include what children know, say and can do? Is there evidence that shows how this assessment/evaluation leads to future curriculum decision making that extends children’s learning? (4 marks)

    please help me with this task I'm so much stuck don't know how to answer the questions???
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