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    Re: CHCPRT001 - Child Protection Policy Meeting Legal and Ethical Requirements

    Hi Nishfat i tried this question . m really confused whether it meets legal requirements or not. can u please give me some guidance. really stuck on this. pls give some points.

    "Access a child protection...

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  • Nehab
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    CHCECE009 use an approved learning framework to guide practice

    HI lorina. i am working on my CHCECE009 assignment. i am stuck on one question

    List each principle within the EYLF framework (5 in total) and provide an example of the types of things you might see...

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  • Hi Nishfat. How you doing. I have to resubmit one question from my CHCLEG001 . Its from event 2(Scenario 4) question 1 and 3.

    question is

    Scenario 4 –Kelsey
    You work in a long day care service. The service has just employed a new trainee, Kelsey. You notice that Kelsey appears unsure of her roles and responsibilities throughout the day. Your room leader asks you to assist Kelsey in developing a better understanding of her responsibilities.

    a) What areas of the Code of Ethics will guide you in dealing with Kelsey?

    Ans Do i have to mention code of ethics in relation to colleagues

    c)As you discuss the service policies and procedures with Kelsey, you notice that the policy for the collection of children is out of date. What would you do?

    my answer is

    I will contribute to policy development by:

    • Identifying new knowledge and gather information
    • Getting familiar with current policies and protocols
    • Willing to make suggestions and contribute to discussions wherever possible
    • Volunteering to follow things up if others are unable to
    I will also inform my supervisor/director and ask to arrange team meeting to see if others have similar views or have further knowledge on the topic. And also have relevant information regarding current trends.

    Am i right?

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