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National Families Week Starts Today 15th May 2021

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National Families Week Starts Today 15th May 2021

National Families Week (15 - 21 May), is a time to celebrate the contributions families make in early childhood services and for children to acknowledge the importance of families.

Experiences to incorporate into the program include:

  • Start a family tree with family photos
  • Get to know more about each family with an "all about my family" question form.
  • Create a room family book, including photos of families and who they are
  • Discuss the differences and similarities in families (who lives at home, do you have pets, do you have siblings, do grandparents live at home) etc.
  • Discover the diversity of families and find out where they're from.
  • Discuss what makes a family during group time
  • Make cupcakes/biscuits for children to take home to say thank you.
  • Have children draw their families
  • Have discussions with children about what they love doing with their family, favourite holidays they've been on together etc.
  • Educators can write a thank you note to families showing appreciation for supporting you during their child's learning.
  • Start a Sleepover Bear - send home a stuffed bear/animal over the weekend to each family and a journal where they can add what they did over the weekend.
  • Setup a parent library
  • Setup a "take what you need shelf" add items such as pasta, toilet paper, wet wipes, tissues, long life milk, canned foods - parents can take items they may require and then replace them.
  • Create a parent corner - add a kettle with tea, coffee, sugar, long life milk, disposable cups - they can enjoy if they are waiting for their child.
  • Say thank you to all families
  • Plan social events for Parents

For more information: National Families Week

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