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Deciding between child care companies (casual)

Posted: Thu Nov 14, 2019 6:50 pm
by Iris2

I am cert iii qualified and have been working PPT for a centre with a big childcare group, but was not happy at my centre for a lot of reasons. I asked to go casual with my company because they were not offering me a PPT position elsewhere, so they let me go casual. Now, I have been working casual with said company, but seems I am mostly working between two centres and one recently had a bad experience at as well and one is just okay. I'm kind of interested in exploring new options. I applied for a few casual childcare companies and pretty much all called me back. One is a lesser known company "quality recruitment queensland" (i'm in QLD), another one was "expect-a-star". I want to sign up for both but keep my casual job at my other company, for now. does anyone know about these companies, have you worked for either? how was it? which do you think I should pick?