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What resources to get for a FDC - a guide

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:56 am
by Butterflyblue
Just like a LDC etc, a FDC should offer children adequate space (indoor and outdoor) with a variety of resources available as part of planned program. The difference is the home based environment. Usually educators will have laundry and or bathroom plus kitchen facilities available, a large room (such as a family/rumpus room etc ) as the main play area and an outdoor space.
A quiet spot for rest is also required.

Common completed set ups include:
A sign in area and place to put bags and belongings
a noticeboard with all relevant information
Kids table and chairs
Classic toys such as blocks, train set, dolls etc
A home corner with kitchen, baby things etc
A quiet area with board games, puzzles or a dolls house
A shelf or box with books and a place to sit and read such as mat
A space with dress ups, musical instruments or a castle
Toys such as racing cars, soft toys, phones, activity cubes, figurines etc.
Arts and crafts materials for example paint, pencils, crayons, scissors, glue stick, paste, paper and items such as pom poms, iceypole sticks, feathers, pipe cleaners, glitter etc)
A bunch of natural and recycled materials
Tents, tunnels, art work, posters, child friendly pets, greenery indoors (potted plants) and other interesting things which elevate the space.

Adequate shade
Grassed area
Play equipment such as cubby house, swing set or slide
An outdoor kitchen, sand or mud pit
A garden bed with flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables etc
Sport equipment such as balls, skipping ropes or hula hoops

The great thing about fdc is you have flexibility to create your space as you need and want to. A space can be created for younger children, older ones or a mix.
Please note this is just an example of what an educator may include in their space – you can have whatever you want! Keep in mind opportunities for natural play inside and outside is a must. When creating a space think less manufactured toys and more mother nature – it’s easy and cheap too.