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Bring Story time to life

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:47 pm
by Danielle
I really didn't know what to place this under as it was not a question
but more of something I read of in a magazine the other day that may
interest some of you as I suggested it to one girl and wanted to share it with everyone.

Has anyone heard of Abigail, a talking plush bunny?
You can get a collection of books and as you read them to the child/children
Abigail will make a comment on certain keywords that you say.

And not only that but there are other plush animals such as teddies, a raccoon and a puppy
that do the same as her and come with their own collection of books.

If it is alright to post the link, you can find more information on these little guys
here: ... y-buddies/

If it is unacceptable to post links to another page, please let me know
and I will remove it. Other than that I have been of help :)