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Extension of Study

Posted: Sun Feb 07, 2021 4:29 pm
by Leizel
Hi! I'm new here. I just want to ask anyone who was a student or is currently studying at Kirana colleges if you have tried requesting for an extension to study? Can you please share your experience, how it went? Thank you.

Re: Extension of Study

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2021 6:05 am
by Lorina
Here is the information I found in regards to extensions at Kirana:

8.3. If you are experiencing difficulties completing your and require more time to complete your studies, you may request to defer or extend your studies. To defer or extend your studies, you will need to contact Student Support or make a request to us in writing before the expiration of your Course. Kirana Colleges will only agree to extend or defer your Course where you have not made a previous request and there are extenuating circumstances or special considerations supported by documentation submitted to Kirana Colleges, such as personal difficulties or changed circumstances that are likely to impact on your ability to study. Requests for re-scheduling of any Course or program or subject pursuant to a deferment or extension may incur additional fees or Course Related Charges.

8.4. To apply for a Course deferral or extension, you must:

8.4.1. have paid all Fees that are due at the time;

8.4.2. submit a completed Course deferral or extension request to Kirana Colleges, and which may require a medical certificate (where applicable); and

8.4.3. advise Kirana Colleges of the date you expect to return to study; and

8.4.4. agree to pay any Course deferment or extension fee and administrative charges that may be payable to Kirana Colleges as a condition of your Course deferment or extension at Kirana Colleges absolute discretion.

More info:Terms and Conditions