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Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2021 1:06 pm
by Kate Hyde
Hi i was wondering if i could get some help with a question

Jack is a 4 year old child within your kinder room. You are aware that Jack’s mother Amy is good friends with Mel who is the kinder teacher. Jack has been displaying some aggressive behaviour towards some of the other children within the room. You have noticed this behaviour has significantly increased since Jack’s parent’s announced that they were separating.
You have approached Mel with your concerns, and have expressed that you feel that a meeting should be set to discuss the concerns with Jack’s parents. Mel responds by saying that she knows Amy really well so she will have a chat with her at a BBQ that they are attending together on the weekend. She says that she does not want to cause the family any more stress by calling them in for a formal meeting.
The following Monday, Amy attends the service and lodges a formal complaint with the service director regarding Mel’s conduct. She feels that Mel has acted unprofessionally discussing her son’s behaviour in a public setting at the BBQ on the weekend. This incident has left her feeling humiliated. There were other families who attend the service present at the BBQ and Amy expressed that they were within earshot when Mel was discussing Jack’s behaviour with her. Amy also states that after the BBQ, another parent spoke with her and informed her that she had overheard one of the educators in the room discussing Jack’s behaviour when she arrived to collect her child. She stated that the educator used Jack’s name to identify him, and spoke very loudly regarding her feelings about how Amy should be handling her son’s behaviour at home

The question is:

Outline how you would handle the parent’s complaint, consider;
a. What documentation would you refer to within your service?
b. Who would you speak with?
c. How would you respond?

So far i have gotten:

The Director would need to write all of the information Amy has told her. The director will need to follow the correct polices and procedures.