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CHCECE007 Positive response HELP

Posted: Mon May 25, 2020 3:33 pm
by shoncini
I am really stuck how would I answer this?

Q: Changes to routines and environments can be disruptive for young children. Below are some educator responses and the underlying message being communicated to the child/children in the scenario. Describe how the educator in each scenario could have responded in a way that sends a more positive message to the child/children.

Scenario 1:
Mia and Chase ask if they bring their own lunch. The educator responds with “No, it’s too difficult as everyone will want to do it.”
The underlying message: Your tastes and needs are not as important as the rest of the group’s tastes and needs

Scenario 2:
Paul hasn’t quite finished his puzzle but it’s time to pack up for lunch. The educator says “We don’t have time to finish it now. You need to pack it away.”
The underlying message: It doesn’t matter how hard you are working on a task, it is more important that you do what I say

Scenario 3:
It’s rest time and most of the children are sleeping. One of the children, Matt, slept-in this morning and does not feel tired. The educator says “Just lie down and have a rest, you’ve had a busy day.”
The underlying message: Your feelings and needs are not important and adults will tell you how you should feel.

How would anyone answer any questions?

Re: CHCECE007 Positive response HELP

Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 3:14 am
by Lorina
For example:

Scenario 1:

That's a good idea, maybe we can set up a one day a week where we can ask all children to bring in their lunch if they would like to.

Scenario 2:

It is time to pack away, how about we keep your puzzle here on the side and you can finish it after lunch.

Hope this helps!