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Looking into Early Childcare for career change

Posted: Sat Nov 27, 2021 2:02 pm
by CED
Hi all. I'm not sure exactly what I'm asking here, I think just any holes people see in my plan moving forward.

Background: my family are farmers and for the last 6 years (5 for me) my husband and I have been working and 'paying our dues' to be the successors of the business. Recently it has become clear that this is only a 'maybe' despite everything that has been said, and it's not happening any time soon (10+years) also despite what we're previously been told (succession was supposed to be in the next 2 years). Our kids turn 5 and 3 in the next 6 months and we are not willing to continue sacrificing our lives and family as we have been, so have decided to quit in about a month's time when our harvest is finished. We will be looking to possibly/probably relocate in the next couple years as we are currently living on my families property and am not sure we wish to stay so close with the relationships also personally deteriorating due to the work environment.

Our plan: My husband is looking at mining because he enjoys hard manual work and I am looking at early childcare as the hours would fit and I believe it is a work environment I would feel comfortable and happy in. I am currently looking after our policies (including creation), compliance to multiple industry schemes, running the corresponding audits and am our HR person, hiring and rostering 25 people (more last year) during our harvest with staff needs changing daily. I've completed 2 traineeships in business admin, completed farm management workshop courses and leadership training so am familiar with and not scared of more study, usually quite enjoying it as I love to learn. Also I've arranged with my children's daycare to complete 2 days of volunteering to get a feel for the work before making a commitment, have spoken to their course provider and am looking at how study and delivery method will fit timewise and financially, and am reading through examples of the modules that I've found online through Google and on here (thank you Lorina) to get a bit of an understanding of the material. To also help with understanding the reality of the work/career I've been reading through many of the forums here and downloaded a number of templates. I plan to use these when I am off work next month for 2 weeks (our season end and daycare closure lines up this year) and try to run some 'daycare' days at home with my kids to get a feel for it. (Is it weird to feel excited at the prospect of written an observation! :P )

Is there anything I've missed that I could be doing to help make this career change decision? I don't want to be making another career change so am wanting to do as much as possible to ensure this is right for me before I commit to anything.

Sincere appreciation for any tips/advise given.

Re: Looking into Early Childcare for career change

Posted: Thu Dec 09, 2021 6:11 pm
by Lorina
I apologise for the delay... I completely missed your questions!!??!!

Wow, you've really put in the thought and effort into this and from what I've read you seem really interested in pursuing a career in this industry. Are you looking to work at a centre or are you wanting to start up your own Family Day Care? Family Day Care is being your own boss (so to speak) and working alone with up to 7 children in your own home. You take control of the program, planning, take children on outings basically do whatever you want (obviously there is limitations and you have to follow regulations etc). but it's another option than working at a daycare itself. Since you are already living on a farm I think it will be such a great opportunity to set up a small family day care (you can include your kids as well) and the learning opportunities you can provide will be limitless! Sorry this is my thoughts running wild here! LOL! - Just gives you another option to think about!

Also you will need a minimum cert 3 to work in a daycare or to start your own family day care. Going to your children's daycare to volunteer is a great idea. You will get a feel for it! Since you already have children of your own you have already got experience but think of it as 10 times more! More children, more nappies, more feeding, more supervising, more work, more crying, more tantrums, it's really non stop! LOL! No, I'm not trying to put you off at all - it is a lot of work!

Have you decided where you will move?

Do they have plenty of job opportunities for daycare? (you can search on a job site to get an idea)

Just a heads up, daycare pay is not all that great... so I don't know if that is something you need to take into consideration as well...

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


Re: Looking into Early Childcare for career change

Posted: Fri Dec 10, 2021 11:06 am
by CED
Thanks Lorina, all good.

I want to work at a centre. My work in the family business has been all consuming and I want my home to be a rest place again, not work.

When you say I'll need a minimum cert 3 to work in a daycare does that mean I have to have the cert 3 to do any job that would count towards the hours needed to achieve the diploma? Also if I do enroll (hoping to do it all online in case we do relocate) before the volunteer days, do you know if those hours could count towards what I need for the diploma?

No decision on where we would move but it would be a mining town or within a days drive of one. The top places my husband is looking at right now are Mount Isa and Kalgoorlie. I have had a look for jobs online in places hubby has mentioned and there were multiple positions open at the time (haven't looked again in the last few weeks).

Not too worries about pay, more work life balance and employment security, also having a career rather than a job.

Thanks again for the reply.