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certificate 4 in education support

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:18 pm
by lilly20181987
hello everyone
i'm new here and first time posting
i'm currently studying online and just wondering if you guys can help me with the following question
and see if i answered it correctly
any help or suggestion would be great

Scenario 1
during recess you notice a child lose balance and almost fall from a long bench seat in the play area.
upon investigation, you can see that several bolts are missing from the bench seat that is causing the seat
to tilt when someone sits on it:

my answer was as following:

identify the hazard?
the hazard is several bolts missing from the bench seat

identify the potential consequence?
the children can lose balance and could fall from the seat and that might cause
injuries to the children

indicate the required action?
clear the bench from all students
report and record the hazard to the office and the principle
go through again to ensure the risk at acceptable level