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CHCECE011 Provide play experiences to support children’s play

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:24 pm
by Newbie
Read the following scenario. In the space provided below, write a short list of play materials and props that you could provide to support the children’s dramatic play. Draw a diagram to show how you would arrange the play materials and props in the outdoor environment of an early childhood education and care setting.
Valentino, aged 4, loves being a superhero. Each day to the service he wears self-designed superhero gear made by his grandmother. He, along with one or two of his friends, is often observed ‘flying’ when in the outdoor environment. He and his friends like to ‘fly’ in and out of narrow spaces fleeing, chasing, capturing and rescuing as they play out their themes based on good and evil, and saving the world. Their play often involves ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ – ‘baddies’ must come to a bad end so that everything is right in the world and the children are safe.
The service Valentino attends has a policy in place that supports and promotes this type of pretend play; however, it does ask educators to remind children, as needed, who engage in superhero play of the need to respect and care for other people and their environment, and to explain to the children involved in the play that they have no special rights because of being a superhero. The policy discourages the making of guns or other weapons for fantasy play, and prohibits the use of any toys that promote war and violence; in addition, the policy clearly states that these types of toys are to be left at home. The policy applies to families, children and the educators at the service.
The service Valentino attends provides care for 16 children aged between 3 and 6 years each day, and is open from 8.00am and 4.00pm daily.

Play materials and props
Make sure that any play materials and props listed are in accordance with the policy outlined in the scenario, and support the children’s dramatic play. Your list must include at least five different play materials and props, and may include activities you could undertake with the children.


- Providing a clip board to draw a map to Gotham City and spider mans lair.
- Balance: Use balancing beams or equipment such as milk crates for children to practise their balancing skills. Make sure it is not too high and is able to support less confident children. Encourage children to help each other too. Teach children how to land safely (with their knees bent).
- Make super hero cuffs from toilet paper rolls.


HI!, I need 5 different play materials and props but i can't think of more than 3 :(
could someone give me some help/advice

I am also stuck on this question:
9. Identify and list three strategies you would use to facilitate and support individual children’s play and learning experiences.

what actions and behaviour would you display to make play and learning easier for children, and also to support them?
- Provide support for children who are shy/need it
- Play to their strengths in their play and focus on what they enjoy playing with.