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Vaccination Card Game

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 12:21 pm
by vaxcards
My name is Dan, I am a Doctor from Melbourne and with my university friend Adam (a game tester and scientist) we made a collectable card game to educate and reward kids when receiving specific vaccinations.

Its really been received well for the small amount of kids and parents I have been working with but I think it would be great if it were just out there on a reputable forum with an audience that would appreciate the power of the collector card game (which all parents and kids know)

We understand the importance of vaccination within the childcare setting and the trend for requirements throughout Australia.

There is a printer friendly free version of the game for download at our website while we work on getting the content printed in the next little while.

Hope you find this resource useful medium to engage and educate kids about vaccines.

Dan + Adam.

more info at