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Natural Resources for Early Childhood Educators

Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:10 pm
by Andrea Viollet
I am a former Early Childhood Educator who was constantly disheartened by the the lack of Natural Resources on offer to children. The most common barriers I found were cost & accessibility. Even if an educator had incredible aspirations to create amazing natural provocations, fantastic natural art and craft ideas or simply a love for the natural world; they may not have the budget, a local forest to forage in or the tools to create the resources they dream of.
I aim to offer educators and children the chance to connect to the natural world through simple, inexpensive and USEABLE resources. Natural resources don't need to come in a fancy calico bag , and treated as precious. They should be touched, built with, glued, nailed, threaded, explored and created with...and be affordable enough to do it all over again .
If you are looking for a small local business to support, who will supply you with fantastic, affordable , fun natural resources like Branch Cookies, a Fairy Blocks and Chunky Monkeys, be sure to contact me on Facebook or my new easy store The Natural ReSourcer. I post Australia wide and look forward to connecting with you
:wave: Andrea