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Balloon Chandelier

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From: Aussie Childcare Network

Balloon Chandelier Crystal

This game uses balloons to improve a child’s eye hand co-ordination and ball skills such as catching, throwing and kicking.

Materials Needed:

  • Balloons
  • Ceiling/covered area
  • String/fishing line/coloured ribbon
  • Masking tape/sticky tape
  • Ladder or step stool
  • Tape measure
  • Marble (for balloons filled with helium)

What to do:

  • Blow up lots of balloons. You could do it yourself or use helium.
  • When using helium, you will need to place a marble inside the balloon before blowing it up, so the balloon hangs down when hanging.
  • For each balloon tie a piece of string/fishing line/ribbon around the end of the balloon long enough to reach the child’s height from the ceiling/covered area. You could use a tape measure to measure the height from the ceiling to get the correct measurements.
  • Using masking tape, tape the string to the ceiling so the balloon hangs down. You may need to use a ladder or a step stool if it’s too far too reach.
  • Once the balloons are hanging from the ceiling the child can run through, hit, hold, catch and kick balloons.

Hints and Tips:

  • You can cover entire area of the ceiling with hanging balloons.
  • Great idea for a child’s birthday.
  • Can be used in the doorway of child’s bedroom on their birthday when they wake.
  • The more balloons you hang from the ceiling the more fun it will be for the child.
  • Add objects in the balloons that the child needs to find from a list.
  • Roll up newspaper to use as a bat to swing at the balloons.

Additional Info

  • Appropriate Age: 1 year+
  • Number of Children: Individual (1), Couple (2), Few (3), Small Group (4), Large Group (5 or more)
  • Developmental Milestones:

    - Catching.
    - Kicking.
    - Throwing.
    - Eye / hand co-ordination.
    - Ball handling.
    - Playing simple group games.
    - Enjoys playing with other children.

  • Play Based Learning: Exploratory Play
  • Interest Areas: Home Corner
  • Games Categories: Family Games, Gross Motor Skills, Indoor Games, Party Games
  • EYLF Outcomes: Learning Outcome 3
  • Sub Outcomes:

    LO3 - Children Have A Strong Sense Of Well Being

    3.2 Children take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing

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