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Fingerprint Friendship Tree

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From: Aussie Childcare Network

Fingerprint Friendship Tree

A simple way for a child to remember their friends throughout the year.

Materials Needed:

  • coloured paint
  • paint brush 
  • a white piece of paper 
  • a black marker

What to do: 

  • Collect all your materials. 

  • On a white piece of paper, draw an outline of a tree.

  • Using a paintbrush dab paint on the child's thumb and make an impression on the tree, as the tree's leaf. 
  • Do this for each child in the room so they can all have their thumb impression on the tree. 

Hints and Tips:

  • If you can't draw a tree, use a photocopy of one. 
  • Under each thumb impression, add the child's name.
  • Great to use for a child's last day. 
  • Laminate it!
  • Can also be done on a canvas and presented to each child. 


Additional Info

  • Appropriate Age: 3 year+
  • Number of Children: Individual (1)
  • Developmental Milestones:

    starts developing friendships
    enjoys playing with other children
    may have a particluar friend
    jointly manipulates objects with others
    manipulates objects

  • Play Based Learning: Creative Play
  • Interest Areas: Art and Craft
  • Games Categories: Art and Craft
  • EYLF Outcomes: Learning Outcome 1
  • Sub Outcomes:

    1.1 Children feel safe, secure and supported.
    1.2 Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency.
    1.3 Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities.
    1.4 Children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect.

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